Dating a lane cedar chest dating games that girls play

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When I have my first class or speak to a group I start by asking “Do you own or do you know anyone who owns a Lane cedar chest?” If I get a positive reply I ask them to look on the bottom or the outside of the back for the model number and serial numbers.Apparently, he found out that they were not saleman’s samples but just regular little boxes given out by the thousand by furniture companies across the country to high school girls. Some stores were giving still them to high schoolers up into the 1990s, although the Lane website says that it no longer has them available.Many were handed out during the 1950s and 1960s to girls at graduation, with the hope that they would be inspired to buy the larger size, which cost hundreds of dollars. A Lane Company official said in a Washington Post story from 2005 said the girls were required to pick up the chests from the local furniture store.In the past, cedar hope chests served as a trousseau, a vessel for young women to collect marriage necessities.

Learning more about this American classic will have you ready to drive off to the nearest vintage shop and peek around…

Dating back to a time when marriage would include an exchange of property between the two families, the bridal ‘trousseau’ (meaning ‘small bundle’) contained all the bride’s dowry items, including the clothes and property she took to her new home and new life.

It is not clear exactly when the tradition of the wedding, or “Hope Chest” started, or where, but it is certainly one that has survived the centuries.

Growth came again in 1956 with the introduction of case goods & in 1965 accent pieces were created under the Lane name.

Try to keep your treasured pieces out of the sun as much as possible.

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Neither one was sure it would be a success, so their initial products were manufactured under the name “Standard Red Cedar Chest Company.” The brand became a hit and as they say, the rest is history!