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If you buy your Predator from Rage Tek, it comes with a 'canned' 93 octane performance tune.

When you connect your Predator to your car for the first time and go into the Performance menu, it'll first copy your current tune, which is most likely your factory PCM tune, to create a backup on the device.

IE: 255/45/18 showing as 771 Revs per mile in the CMR software which calcs out to being 746.4 on all other tire size calculators I have found on the internet. JPG Oxford White 2015 Premium GT with 50-Year Pkg | 3.55 Gears | Roush CAI | Baer Eradi Speed-Plus 2-Piece Rotors | Stainless Works 3" Cat Back | JLT 3.0 Oil Separators | FRPP M-20201-M STB | Redline Hood Struts | MMD Hood Vent Scoops | Dark Ceramic Tint (25% sides/20% rear) | Lloyds "50 Years" mats...

Performance White 2012 Premium Pony Package | PP Engine Cover | 25% Tint | Baer Decela Rotors (drilled/slotted) | Torsen T2R 4:1 TBR | FRPP 3.73 Gears | GT500 Differential Cover | Airaid CAI | AE 4" Aluminum DS | Bama 93R | Boss 302 STB | BMR Adjustable Panhard & Brace | JLT Oil Separator | Nexen N3000 255/45ZR/18Y tires 2013 SGM 3.7 | MPT Tune | JBA Titanium Ceramic Shorty Headers | MGW Gen 1 | Blowfish Street Bracket | BBK TB | 18" Charcoal AMR | FRPP 3.55 | BMR LCA | Steeda Panhard Bar | Dynotech 3.5" Driveshaft | So when end users tweak their own tunes and adjust the tire size the input on the devices want revs per mile... Look it up on-line and enter the value that they find...

Once I submitted my logs to him I had the custom tune with a couple hours!! Now I am sure I will never do that again, but man that was FUN!!!! As soon as I ordered you responded to me and got all of my info and the next morning I had my tracking number and 2 days later my INTUNE showed up. I can't believe how much they disable these trucks from the factory. I have a 30ft gooseneck trailer and i run a pulling truck so i had it hooked up the other day, huge difference! I hate rolling those big tires over but it sure is fun lol!!! It has constant pull, 4th gear feels like it pulls as hard as second did when I first got the car. It's definitely been a pleasure doing business with you as you seem to really care about your customers and their concerns. It pulls a lot harder through out the rpm range and just feels more alive. I did alot of research before buying a diablo tuner and one of the big selling points was the custom tuning. there should be some serious gains under the curve for sure!! Even has that little crackle on the let off that I love. I was considering doing an engine swap to the 6.2 before this, thanks for saving me some money. Now, it will rip the tires in 1st and through 2nd gear until it shifts into 3rd. That 1-2 shift at WOT that I was telling you was harsh on the DS forum is all cleaned up now. The part throttle shifts are good too, and it seems like the truck is much happier. Around town, nice/smooth - At WOT 5,600 rpm - solid shifts, no lag... I knew I wouldn't be able to beat him but I thought what the hell.....the light turned green and we both took off kind of quick but not balls out, I heard him punch it and I did the same, strangely enough I jump up ahead of him about a half car length..... She feels like a dragster too, then I will be through the moon! I couldn't be happier with how much power I have now... I drove my car some more yesterday and then again this morning to work. I'm impressed with the quality of service that you provide. I punched it at 100 mph, it hammered down a couple gears and launched to 140 in what seemed like seconds. In auto from complete stop, motion start and just put it to the floor. Let alone all the other customizing that can be done. I can definitely feel the power now, bottom end and top end really improved it'll bury the needle pretty easy where before it seemed to not wanna go past 105. Compared to the Diablo Tune, what I notice most is that it is smoother all around. I've never had all my questions answered and tunes done as quickly and thoroughly as you did. Lmao I read all the posts on the silveradosierra forum and have never seen a negative post so i knew i had to try it and glad i did! Even with just simple basic bolt on additions and your tune it feels leaps and bounds stronger than when it was entirely stock. It's more responsive, smoother, idles better & pulls harder! I dont know what you did but this last tune is much better I picked up more torque and it sounds like a monster. I have and will continue to recommend you to the friends who have hot rods and are putting stuff on them. And I'm gonna recommend you to all of my LS friends! The log that didn't take today I ran all the way past 100 and was barely in 4th! Actually laid a beating on a poor chump in a BMW .a test ride .the highway ..hahaha think he might be buying a Chevy now. I am also pleasantly surprised on how much better my gas mileage is!

I kept going and got up to 135 and all he could do is pull up to my rear door.....first off I couldn't believe my truck was going that fast, I mean really? I was laughing so hard.....cause he couldn't even pass me. You have answered all of the questions I've had even before I placed my order. It always had plenty of low end, but know the mid-range really makes the car fast. Lew she pulls harder through the gears, runs smoother , seems quicker, sounds a lot better. I had my 492 stroker Dyno tuned in & it was a night & day difference. I can honestly say that the money spent on the tuner and your services seem to have been well spent... I have only driven about 10 miles so far but the car off throttle/part throttle feels ten times better! All around I'm very pleased and you've been a pleasure to deal with. Haven't been able to do that since I got the 35's on. When my car was stock, it could hardly turn the tires. She feels much more consistent with the new O2 sensors though. I've been looking for stoplight races and last night I had a Vette pull up next to me. previous runs with the canned preset tunes were 13.45 @106mph in the 1/4... So the first pull dyno'd 324hp and 334tq, I was happy! I told him who tuned it for me, and he said this was the best tune he had ever seen done over the internet, and its just about exactly how he would have set things. Great at the light, nice and smooth cruising, tearing it up when passing, and the desire for more speed. I installed the tune this AM on my way to work, and all i have to say is... When I got in the highway, I hit it doin about 70 already and it pinned me back in my seat, it was awesome... I'm really happy with the work you've done on my tune. The throttle response is instant, and even the shifting seems firmer. Anyway I am totally stoked already, cant wait till we get it fully tweaked in. As a testimonial the first thing I was wondering was "How could a custom tune really do that much more? With the diablo tune and the adjustments an individual can do I ran from the 60mph time at 5.23 after installing the initial tune from diablew I ran 5.02. Hey bud, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome tune and great customer service! I went out into the parking lot and installed the tune without a problem. the changes you made make my truck feel completely different than it did before. Thats awesome, I really appreciate everything you've done. The gas mileage on the highway yesterday seemed even better too! The highway it's Fukn nuts how it kicks down and holds the gear.. I can really tell a difference with the throttle response and acceleration!

Got behind him at a light and he did his take off thing, like he blowing by everyone and feeling fast. We got back the power we lost due to the wheel/tire change and then some... I will recommend you to everyone I know because point blank I don't see how anyone else could be better. I did a two car pass today, started at 60 MPH in 4th and by the time I pulled back into my lane I was doing 106. Very strong/harder pull through the rpm's...passing on the highway throws me back in the seat and hurls the car forward... Tranny shifts are more defined and with more punch! the experience gained and the performance gained, to this point, have made it well worth while. Secondly, his custom tune is a definite gain over the canned diablo tune, which itself is pretty impressive. This thing is a rocket ship with being a family truckster. I'll tell you, it was the fastest few seconds I've had in that truck. I may need to put bigger brakes on because it's no fun to have to lay off so quickly :) You have an insane talent - I tip my hat to you! :) I could sit here and tell you how badass my truck is now but it is something you would have to experience. If anyone has any doubts about using Lew for a custom tune, consider this your wake-up call! Thanks again man, it was definitely worth the cost! Best money ever spent on any vehicle as far as performance. I have to say, that Lew has been available to answer any questions (not that I've had any yet), but communication is fantastic! I leave for work at and won't access my email again until tomorrow morning, so I thought to myself - Well maybe the custom tune will be waiting on me when I get in to work in the morning. With your tune pre intake with just headers and cold air intake got the car consistently in the 8.20's in the 1/8 mile! I am very happy I did the Intune with you custom tune.

It has so much power now and like you I am not into my truck for racing, BUT I did run across a "fixed" up old fox body mustang weaving in and out of traffic with his loud exhaust and such. Really fun to drive now, wish I would have done this years ago! You are truly amazing at what you do and I am very happy with you extremely reasonable pricing for how much time you spend making sure everything is perfect. I used to race, mod, and tune my own Talon TSi several years back so I typically know a well tuned car when I see it. It is nice to be able to beat up on people that think this big truck ain't got shit, well I got diablew!!! So far I'm extremely happy with the Trinity and the customer service has been outstanding. This guy responds within like 10-15 mins, no matter what time of day you email him! I was scared of both of these purchases (predator & your tune) at first...I'm just amazed!! With my tahoe, I stepped on the gas at 75 and I was at 100 in what felt like a second. The city is a mess thanks to Obama's visit and the tree lighting. The car is running great, getting better mileage than ever, and is much more fun to drive. Definitely better throttle response and a little better mileage. I can't believe the dog I've been driving after Lew's new custom tune. I was able to send the Log and Tune files to Lew at . I think you did a pretty good job you unleashed a beast! Before your tune it ran 8.30s-8.40s in the 1/8 mile...

Shortly after it says updates loaded to the intune, it shuts my drive down and my intune stays stuck on preparing ?

Read through the instructions, downloaded drivers and plugged it in to the p C to make sure it saw everything. I went out, plugged it in to the car and as it instructed, clicked tune.

It went through it's thing, created a backup, and then installed what i opted for, the 87 octane tune, with emphasis on MPG.

This section only covers the Diablo Sport Predator (U7134) at this time.

In the future, there will be a separate section for the Trinity (T-1000) when the product is officially launched and available for the 2003-2005 Neon SRT-4.

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