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Updating old tile

Does your cherub-pink 1950s bathtub give you nightmares? If your bathroom tub and tile are in sound condition but simply need an aesthetic makeover, you might be considering repainting or refinishing them yourself.But make sure you know all your options before you pick up that spray gun.Then we were going to glue the beadboard to the tile and plywood. It was so uneven, we couldn’t even get the board to stick. Then we took the paneling off, and the lipstick told us exactly where to cut the holes. I bought this drawer box from Lillian Vernon to organize all my kids’ school papers. Son #4 put two coats of the same paint we used for the cabinets. If you know how to update old tile you can transform even a powder puff pink bathroom into a modern contemporary spa. A shower is sometimes the ONLY place we can get a few precious, solitary, quiet moments.There is a lot of cleaning prep work to do before you start. If your surface is not completely clean, I don't think the finish will last very long…just a hunch.Since I'm not a fan of preparation usually, I was tempted to skip some steps. The instructions also call for a light sanding of the surface before you begin.

But we are losing the battle of the trim and beadboard backsplash in our kitchen redo.

“We tell people it’s ‘recycling in place’—it keeps all those construction materials out of the landfill.

And it costs far less than remodeling.” If your budget is small and you want to attempt the job yourself, it’s doable.

It can be a short time of zen and relaxation at the beginning or end of the day. The shower and tub were absolutely functional, which is great. And similar to nude pantyhose, nude shower enclosures had their hey-day, but the 90's has come and gone, and this shower enclosure needed to go, too. It cost about to update our tile shower and tub, and took one weekend to complete.

So, when your tub or shower is maybe a tad dingy and outdated, it can take rob you of your zen…over and over again. When I'm showering, I want to be the only “nude” thing around. Heather from The Heathered Nest here at Remodelaholic again today, and I want to show you all you Remodelaholics how you can do this project, too.

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