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Well it doesn't look like the client is much different, and WINE has come a long way. I guess you can still post in this thread if you have problems, and if someone who plays the game in Ubuntu is around, they'll help out. If RO can live for ten plus years, then this thread can keep popping up.:)I'm trying to run Ragnarok Online, but I keep getting this error: wine: Call from 0x402052 to unimplemented function MFC42. I was able to get the game to work before on the version from the official repositories, but even that doesn't work now.Ragnarok Online server maintenance can leave the game down for either minutes or hours, for some this is a godsend because they believe it will enhance the game and for others it is a nightmare because they are unable to play.Other Ragnarok Online problems do occur such as not being able to download the free to play MMORPG, login issues, the full client download crashing as well as now and then experiencing Ragnarok private server error with 3rd job sprites.Maybe you are trying to open the online websites such as and playragnarok.com, or you have tried to access the Sakray Ragnarok PH website to no avail.

This packet tokenizer error occurred recently, not just in “New” New Loki, but in all servers of the Philippine Ragnarok Online.But other problems do arise and this can cause annoyance for its players.Below you will see updates when the IRO maintenance time commences, when it does you can also have your say in the commenting area provided.Having Rag and Rag RE should be enough, but some people think they get less errors if they have Sakray installed as well.Updating will let you see new items and maps but you may still get errors occasionally, even if you're fully updated.

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i was able to log into my server successfully, but it took exceptionally long to load the map I was in, and was unplayable due to the flickering.

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